Maximizing your Strengths
By Turning Obstacles
into Opportunity


Total Transformation, for Life and Business,
From the Inside Out

Everyone wants to put their stamp on the world and for their personal and professional life to be purposeful. Unfortunately, too many people end up in roles that do not utilize their strengths, or light them up!
Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If it were, everyone would be doing it. And no, you can’t get there on wishful thinking. Instead of living a life addicted to mediocracy, I want you to live an extraordinary life – to find your passion, live purposefully, and use your strengths to their highest potential.
To get there though, you need to know what makes you unique. To understand what your talents are and the kind of environment that you will thrive in. Seeing the greatness in yourself will allow you to take any obstacle and turn it into an opportunity. Whether it’s at your job, with relationships, health and wellness, fitness, hobbies.
I want you to feel like very aspect
of your life is improving,
every single day

You’re never too young or too old to find your place, to lead a life that is dynamic, positive, and purposeful. Your life truly is a clean slate, and that is an exciting place to be!

I want to become your “thought partner,” with a “think tank of ideas.” I’ll be the person who holds up a mirror and helps you see the greatness in you; inspires, motivates, and helps create lasting change.

Uniting People and Teams
Together For a Common Goal


Executive and Life Coach, Award Winning Fitness Expert, Speaker, Author


Patricia Friberg is an accomplished personal, health, fitness and wellness coaching expert. Through her careers management, therapy & counseling and now coaching she has over 20 years of experience as a results-focused leader who assesses needs, develops innovative programs, and motivates and prepares clients to safely and productively reach their goals. Patricia’s early career experience includes art therapy, counseling and clinical mental health roles at hospitals and clinics on the East Coast.

In her fitness career, she managed luxury studios and gyms. Patricia has taught for Harpo Studios in Chicago and continues to work with many college level and professional athletes including NFL and NBA players.

She has taught a variety of health and strength courses in group and individual formats including Pilates, Cycle, Barre, GYROTONIC Corrective Exercise, Conditioning, and Myofascial Release at premier health and fitness clubs across the U.S.

Patricia is the creator of the wildly successful, award-winning three-volume prenatal & postnatal fitness DVD series “Belly Beautiful Workout.”

Throughout her career, Patricia has been featured in and contributed to magazine articles, DVDs, online videos, and television spots on ABC WLS-TV7 in Chicago, KTLA 5 and KABC 7 in Los Angeles, and NBC’s The Today Show.


Client Centered Life Coach


Helping People Find Their Passion,
Live Their Purpose, and Fulfill Their Dreams

What is your life story? What do you want it to be? As an accomp lished, dynamic facilitator of change, I want to help you reframe your life and do it with a contagious enthusiasm.

How do I do that?

I have always been intrigued with the unique qualities of each person an d figuring out how different people can work together. Everyone has a gift and powerful story that helps define their purpose.

As a certified "positive psychology-wellbeing coach" through the College of Executive Coaches, I help people find their hopes, goals, successes, strengths, and interests. I know how to identify and define your individual assets, support, motivate, guide, and bring out the best in you!

Personal Growth

Is your personal life at a major crossroad? Are you trying to reinvent yourself? Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut or having difficulty defining what you want? My client centered model is based on your goals, helping you utilize your strengths, achieve your goals, and put your stamp on the world.

Professional Growth

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to get ahead? Or maybe your professional life has stalled? Or you’re being pulled in too many directions. Whether one-on-one or in a group, I can help you identify your strengths, align your values, focus on your goals, and gain clarity.

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What People Are Saying About Patricia Friberg

Is An Amazing Instructor

“Patricia is an amazing instructor who works you hard in her class and always provides the right amount of motivation and support to keep going. Her Belly Beautiful Workout is the best and very unique with the integration of Pilates moves safely adapted for pregnancy.”

Skye Purvis - CFO DP planning and Development INC

Patricia Inspires and Challenges

“Patricia has developed the most comprehensive and practical postpartum workout DVD that all moms can do. She inspires and challenges you to not only strengthen and stretch your body, but teaches you how to correctly reshape your abdominal wall and addresses pelvic floor work that many fear talking about. This workout is safe for moms who have had caesarean sections and includes modifications and variations to make it fun for all.

Jasmine Jafferali MPH ACE-CPT - National Pregnancy Health Examiner and Healthy Moms Fitness Master Trainer

Honestly, One Of The Best Exercise DVDs

“The Power 4 Pink workout is honestly one of the best exercise DVDs. Within 2 weeks of doing each series only twice a week I felt tremendous change with those hard to reach areas. The simplicity of being able to do this at home without a lot of space or equipment needed is a huge bonus. I guarantee your abs will have never felt as strong nor your legs so firm! There are adjustments for every fitness level providing the ultimate challenge or beginning basics. The best part is that you are working out for a great cause.”

Emily Capretta - Proactive Sports Performance Lab