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Belly Beautiful Volume 1

“Patricia is an amazing instructor who works you hard in her class and always provides the right amount of motivation and support to keep going. Her Belly Beautiful Workout is the best and very unique with the integration of Pilates moves safely adapted for pregnancy.”

Skye Purvis

CFO DP planning and Development INC

Power 4 Pink

The Power 4 Pink workout is honestly one of the best exercise DVDs. Within 2 weeks of doing each series only twice a week I felt tremendous change with those hard to reach areas. The simplicity of being able to do this at home without a lot of space or equipment needed is a huge bonus. I guarantee your abs will have never felt as strong nor your legs so firm! There are adjustments for every fitness level providing the ultimate challenge or beginning basics. The best part is that you are working out for a great cause.

Emily Capretta

Proactive Sports Performance Lab


Belly Beautiful Workout volume 2

Patricia has developed the most comprehensive and practical postpartum workout DVD that all moms can do. She inspires and challenges you to not only strengthen and stretch your body, but teaches you how to correctly reshape your abdominal wall and addresses pelvic floor work that many fear talking about. This workout is safe for moms who have had casearan sections and includes modifications and variations to make it fun for all.

Jasmine Jafferali MPH ACE-CPT

National Pregnancy Health Examiner and Healthy Moms Fitness Master Trainer



7 Outdoor Fall Workouts You Can Do Now That It’s Finally Cool Enough Outside – She Knows

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The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is starting to drop and fitness enthusiasts are itching to stretch their limbs and feel the freedom of the great outdoors. Fall ushers in a slew of beautiful transitions, including the ability to get back into the activities you avoided during the hot summer months. Read More

Patricia Friberg Bottom Line & A Core Defined – Missys Product Reviews

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Patricia Friberg Bottom Line & A Core Defined is a Pilates and strength-based workout. This stepwise program will help you learn to activate the core including the gluteal and abdominal muscles. Then the workout advances to provide the necessary challenges for a strong core and lifted bottom. This program will help improve your posture and overall athletic performance. The DVD is broken down into three sections bottom activation 1, bottom activation 2, and a core defined. Read More


Sit at a Desk All Day? These Yoga Poses Can Help

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In case you haven’t heard, sitting is the new smoking. Medical research has been sounding the alarm for the last few years about the hazards of too much time spent sitting. Those endless hours spent planted in a chair may seem harmless, but have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Read More

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