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Joining a Walking Group? 10 Tricks to Keep it Interesting – Reader’s Digest

Posted by | May 21, 2019 | Media | No Comments

“Walk” around NYC

One of the best ways for walking buddies to stay motivated is having mileage goals, says Patricia Friberg, an ACE-certified trainer and creator of prenatal and postnatal DVD series Belly Beautiful workout. “Pick a goal for the week and walk it,” Friberg says, for example, a Big Apple Manhattan walk is 13.4 miles long. Choose a person to keep track of the mileage. “Always start smaller with the goals and then work your way up as the group demonstrates consistency,” says Friberg. Celebrate reaching the mileage with a NYC-themed group pic or a healthy NYC-inspired lunch. Walking group members can take turns choosing a favorite destination to walk around or to for the next challenge. Here are 16 ways to lose weight walking.



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