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Help for Your Core With Patricia Friberg Bottom Line & A Core Defined Fitness DVD – Two Classy Chics

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Two Classy Chics

I have been working steadily on my overall fitness and weightloss over the past 9 months. And while I still have a long way to go, I have made some great progress too. My legs and arms are so much stronger. I can lift better, walk longer, get up and down so much easier and generally I feel a lot healthier.

One of my biggest areas for concern is my lower back pain due to multiple auto accidents, too much sitting, and months of issues with my sciatica. My lower back has been a problem for 30 years or so and causes me a lot of pain in my hip flexors and my glutes. I have made some great strides in strengthening that area by using strength training and weight lifting over the past 6 months. This DVD is a perfect choice for me in that it focuses on the muscles in your bottom that support your back, hips and legs, as well as your abs too. I think she created this just for my issues. I could not wait to review this DVD.

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Bottom Line & A Core Defined with Patricia Friberg is a Pilates and Strength based workout. This step-wise program will help you learn to activate the core including the gluteal and abdominals muscles. Then the workout advances to provide the necessary challenges for a strong core and lifted bottom. This program will improve your posture and overall athletic performance. The DVD is broken down into 3 segments Bottom Activation 1, Bottom Activation 2, and A Core Defined.

The Program:
This DVD starts off with an intro to how your muscles work in your body and why this DVD focuses on this problem area. Included in the intro is a physical therapist who shares some insight on the importance of strengthening your core as well as other the muscle groups located there, like your abs and gluteal muscles. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, injuries happen when muscles are weak and overtaxed. This is a great DVD to help improve your supporting muscles.

In the workout phase, Patricia starts with the form of the poses. This is an important feature as form will make all of the difference in your results as you move through the workout. It is like getting a one on one with your instructor! you can jump back to that section any time you need to.

Bottom Activation 1 portion is all about building endurance. A loop band is used, but you can do it without the band. This portion of the workout does use a lot of floor exercises, which can be difficult for some. This segment is finished with stretch out and it runs about 18 minutes.

Bottom Activation 2 is done in the standing position and this completed after you work the Bottom Activation 1. You have the option to use a loop band for more resistance, if you choose. The workout includes a variety of moves standing and a few using the floor, finishing with a stretch out. This segment runs about 14 minutes.

A Core Defined works abominals and the glutes. In this section, Patricia uses a small fitness ball, loop band, and a soft surface for floor work. There is someone doing modified variations of each move, without tools and more advanced moves too. Word of warning… This is an advanced workout! It runs about 31 minutes and it is filled with amazing moves to strengthen and work those abs and your core. I had difficulty with some of them as I am not in shape to hold some of the poses.

My Thoughts:

Patricia takes the time to thoroughly explain every move, what you should be feeling and how to hold the pose. I love the fluid movements and the holds that really pushes your endurance. It reminds me of a combination of yoga and Pilates. There are some tough moves on the floor work for me with my back issues, but I know I have to work through them if I want to progress and improve my muscles. I did the moves I could and listened to my body! If something started to hurt or became aggravated, I stopped. This is important in training your muscles. Go slow. There is no rush!

This is a wonderful workout that is perfect for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. But beginners can use it as well, just follow the directions and go slowly so you do not pull anything!

This workout is available as a DVD or as a download on Patricia’s site. Perfect to take with you anywhere!

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