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Bonus Move! Side stretch with Rotation – Pilates Style

Posted by | May 06, 2019 | Media | No Comments

Loved Patricia Friberg’s “Bolstering the Matwork” from our Jan/Feb issue? Here she shares another exercise using this everyday prop which gives floor exercises a boost, making them simultaneously more supported, challenging and well…cushy.

DO THIS IF… you’re looking for increased mobility, especially in the spine, and to relieve tension and improve circulation.

 Promotes increased range of motion while providing a three-dimensional release.

GET STARTED Place the bolster vertically beside you. Sit tall with your inside leg bent at 45 degrees and extend your outside leg with your foot flexed. Extend your outside arm overhead and wrap your other hand around your waist.

1. Inhale as you lengthen your spine, drawing your ribs up and and away from your hips, without elevating the shoulders.
2. Exhale as you side bend and reach your top arm overhead, maintaining the length in your extended leg.

3. Inhale to enjoy the stretch. 
4. Exhale as you rotate your ribs and torso toward the floor while extending your bottom arm and keeping your hips stacked (as best you can).

5. Inhale to breathe into the back of your ribs.
6. Exhale as you rotate to open your chest toward the ceiling, wrapping your bottom hand around your waist.
7. Inhale to breathe into the front of your body feeling the expansion.
8. Exhale to rotate to center.
9. Inhale to return to the seated position.
10. Exhale and reach your inside arm up and over toward your outside leg. Slowly return to start. Do 1–3 reps on both sides.


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